Why We Are Circumcised - The Explanation

I see you’re circumcised but you’re not Jewish or Muslim are you. Well that is pretty weird you’re circumcised isn’t it. America is one of the only countries in the world that practices routine non-religious circumcision yet most of us don’t even know why we do it.

Having ever wondered why your turtle has no she’ll. To learn more let’s go back in time to the day you were circumcised but the you’re circumcision been a tradition for generations. but the source of tradition is really weird. Yep better cut him so that it’ll stop him from masturbating. Though religious circumcision has been practiced in the middle east for millennia no one did it in the u.s. until the Puritanical 19th century when sex for the doctors promoted as a way of preventing your kids from committing their favorite sin.

One prominent advocate of dingle docking was and they’re not making this up John Harvey Kellogg the inventor of corn flakes. My cure is twofold a diet rich in flaked corn and cutting off part of the penis. Victorian prudes like Kellogg just straight up hated sex and thought that by pruning your penis that could contain your base and lustful instincts and you don’t even want to know what he thought you should do to women.

Being circumcised and stop me from masturbating yeah I know that’s why it’s so weird that we still do it but isn’t it like cleaner or something nope that’s just another old Victorian myth. These guys had a lot of weird ideas about circumcision. Circumcision is cleaner foreskin is for filthy immigrants and cures convulsions and tuberculosis was a fun craft project for doctors.
Now circumcision can help prevent a few rare infections but so does you know washing your dingus why would you have to cut off part of your body to keep it clean you want to cut off your butt cheeks to keep your

butt clean. Okay but the foreskin useless right actually it has a very important role in sex. It’s filled with nerve endings that protects the glands so it doesn’t become desensitize and at the natural lubricant it natural lubricant like a hot dog in a middle of a bread. Weird metaphor now circumcision has been found to reduce the rate of HIV acquisition in men by up to sixty percent but condoms reduce it by eighty percent and they don’t require you to up in cut your foreskin.
Okay but girls think uncut dongs look weird, interesting theory let’s test it excuse me miss does this dong look weird yeah and does this dong look weird Yeah all right and does this dong look weird yep all dongs look weird.

Now look if you like being circumcised or you did it for religious reasons fine there’s no harm in it but as far as I can tell there’s also no particularly compelling reason to do it and the only reason you’re circumcised is because a bunch of 19th century prudes we’re trying to ruin your sex life.

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