IGG.com to Release a Better Clash of Lords 2 via Updates

IGG.com has just released some new images of Clash of Lords 2, the new continent in Norrath that will be unlocked with the release of the expansion. Clash of Lords 2 is not a sequel to the original Clash of Lords but an extension of the existing world. These images were originally posted on the official IGG.com website. The game itself is a mysterious continent located to the south of the current nations, sorta like a magical Australia, but with giant, evil monsters instead of cute Koala bears and kangaroos. It is located in the ocean south of Faydwer. Players will be able to reach the place by taking new ships that will be departing from the major ports of Faydwer and Antonica. Make sure to stock up on your magical Dramamine before heading out — it’s a long voyage. There will be over 20 new zones to explore within Clash of Lords 2. The good news is that there will be newbie and medium range zones, not just the Level 30-plus adventures that Verant initially was talking about, so even those of lower levels will be able to explore the continent in small doses. The boys in San Diego are also promising a “huge array of new, even more visually stunning NPCs”, which should hopefully translate to a realm filled with new quests. This also means (hold your breath) — new items, spells and weapons! Whoohoo! We can also see a host of new monsters in these screens, including a giant badger, gnolls in new armor, a hugely threatening mosquito, a stegosaurus-looking critter and a goblin in crazy tribal getup. One of the nicest options of Clash of Lords 2 is new and better support for 3D mobile devices. Players will be given new video options, such as pushing back the fog levels for powerful 3D cards to open up the horizon. The environment is built with a higher poly count and larger textures, as well as greater levels of animation throughout the world. One of the primary additions to Clash of Lords 2 is the introduction of an entirely new race for EQ players to try out, the Iksar, who are neutral/evil lizardmen. The Iksar are the only other race in Norrath (besides humans) that can choose to be Monks. As you can tell from these screenshots, it looks as though they make pretty good warriors and magic users as well. Intriguingly, Verant has also promised that Ruins players will finally be able to surpass Level 50 and become even more godlike than before (Plane of Hate, here we come). Clash of Lords 2 testing will be happening sometime before the release of the expansion, so keep you eyes peeled for chances to jump in. Registered EQ owners will be able to order a discounted copy of the game in advance. Those who don’t wish to pick up Ruins (and who wouldn’t?) will still be able to encounter Iksar characters and trade with them, but they will not be able to travel to Kunark or create a Lizardman character. So we don’t know too much more about Ruins of Kunark than you do at this point, but we’re literally beating up members of both Verant and 989 Studios for an inside peek. We can tell you that 989 is currently projecting a mid-April release, so start sharpening those swords and axes.

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