Bloodborne: Another Horror Movie from Video Games

Due to popular demands of video games, it becomes very natural that it will be seen on live action movie. Just like the movie Assassin’s Creed which was very popular in PS4 and now got its first movie lately. Speaking of video games that turn into movies, we can include as well Bloodborne, which might become a live action movie and it is revealed that James Gunn is the expected director to handle this film.

Bloodborne game movie
If you don’t know about James Gunn, he is the director of the successful Guardians of the Galaxy. Due to his success of bringing Marvel’s one of the best team of superheroes to the big screen, he will be doing another movie which is expected to become very successful. In the past, Gunn’s work includes only horror movies which include Dawn of the Dead or Slither and Belko Experiment. He also works in video games in the past, he work together with Suda51 on the zombie hack-em-up Lollipop Chainsaw.
Its one of the popular game around that is why some company made this to be a movie  try to watch this clip to know more about this game

Bloodborne Game Movie | All Cutscenes, Bosses, NPC Quests

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The video game Bloodborne that was released on 2015 is an action role play game with some horror contents created by FromSoftware and Sony Computer Entertainment.  The movie has some concept from the previous video games like Demon’s Soul and Dark Souls and the game is very difficult to play. You need to be a good gamer in order to beat the game. The game feature a player journeying in a world corrupted by a deadly plague, while the character must find a way to end the problem and it is full of fighting against monsters and beasts.
One thing is sure; James Gunn has something up in his sleeves to show in the Comic-Con.  In fact, Gunn posted the teaser photo on his Facebook timeline which also matches the time table of Sony panel.  The image which was featured on Gunn’s Facebook shows a blood-red words and a metallic background which simply signifies that the said project is a horror movie. There’s also a sign in it which show the Heir rune from Bloodborne.
Fans are so excited right now because they will get to experience their favorite video game in the big screen. While it is true that Gunn is popular with creating horror movies, considering this being a Sony panel and the identical markings of the image teaser is likely he will have the video game to work into a movie.
Sony is trying to make their products shift from video games to movies, considering that fans really want to know about the background of the story and the characters in the movie and many other scenes which need an answer.  On the other hand, Bloodborne is a big hit with regards to video game which sold more than 2 million copies in just a few months when it was released. It goes to show that Sony wants to monopolize their product for more profit.
Gone are the days when video games are criticize due to its content, nonetheless due to the technological advancement, it is easy to make movies out of the popular video games and the result will be so remarkable. This is what happens to the movie Tomb Raider after a reboot and it reaches a grossing $273 million all over the world. Business analysts shows that this movie is very well like because it came from video games to movies and the story is well accepted and fans has a great time playing the video game or watching the movie especially the reboot.
So if you are a fan of Bloodborne video game, it is expected that James Gunn will be the ideal movie maker that will bring this video game into a live action movie. This will be a horror movie which you will like since this will be filled with action and fighting scene just like Resident Evil video games and movies.
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